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Your marketing needs aPhilosopher's Stoneturning efforts into GOLD. Remove the Pain and Frustration in the next 30 days with a Blueprint custom built for YOUR Business.

By joining the limited seat "Charter Membership", you will get the 30 Day Blueprint Workshop
and gain access to all the training and bonuses attached to the monthly membership.

What You Get with the 30 Day Blueprint Workshop

  • Custom Digital Marketing Plan $3500 Value
  • Live Training and Replay Access $1164/yr Value
  • Digital Marketing Trends Magazine $288/yr Value
  • Quick Start Step-By-Step Courses $564 Value
  • Weekly Office Hours Counsulting $4200/yr Value

We launched the site and Mike was able to display his talents by almost immediately helping us up to the first page, sometimes first listing in organic Google, in the markets we sought to penetrate. I find Mike to be informative, forthright, easy to work with and passionate about helping his Students. 

Gerald D. Siegel, Esq

The 30 Day Blueprint Workshop Includes
9 Modules, 25 Classes and the steps you need to get results and scale your marketing.

Mike has been instrumental in helping me launch my B2B agency. The digital marketing blueprint has really helped me stand out from the crowd. I am continuously impressed with the level of service and consider him a key marketing partner in helping drive our business. They are not only proactive and responsive, but also at the forefront of thought leadership in the search engine marketing space.

Vikki keenan | Owner / LinkedIn Marketing Consultant

Your Access With Charter Membership Includes

30 Day Digital Marketing Blueprint Workshop

$1500 Value

A drip fed course that walks you through building your own Digital Marketing Plan step-by-step. We call this the “Digital Marketing Blueprint.”

  • Letting you take advantage of having access to the creators of the “Blueprint Model”
  • Giving you the coaching needed to quickly get a plan mapped out and implemented and generating results.
  • Empowering you to reach for the stars and lead your business to new marketing heights.

Live Webinars

Following the 3 phases of the Digital Marketing Blueprint Model, we provide weekly topical webinars.

  • Giving you a look at various tactics and strategies working now in Digital Marketing.
  • Saving you time, money, and effort in research, and testing.
  • Generating the confidence you need to attack the giant that the Digital Landscape appears to be, and equipping you properly for the task at hand.

In time, you can look back with pride and joy seeing the lands you have conquered. All simply because you took the time to learn what fight to join, and where your efforts produced the best results.

Access to a Library of Replays

$97/month Value

You get access to a growing library of knowledge that is trusted by many.

  • Providing you with an ever-growing resource of Online Marketing strategies that generate results.
  • Saving you countless hours sorting through the numerous hours of information online, by the various tactics being condensed and systematized into a marketing model framework.
  • Giving more time back to your life and less time in the classroom, recapturing your time, removing the learning curve burden.

Coffee & Caffeine Monthly "Full Stack" Marketing Magazine

$24/month Value

Three to five members-only articles each month that expand your Digital Marketing knowledge and give you exposure to strategies and tactics.

  • Providing you with the information needed to know what strategies can help you develop your market reach.
  • Giving you a clear and vivid look at the market and how your marketing uses various tactics to gain an advantage over the competition.
  • Positioning you and your company as the FOX and not one of the Thousands of Hounds trying to get to the #1 position in the market.

Mini Blueprint Courses

$47 per Course Value

Each mini-course takes a Digital Marketing Tactic or Strategy and uses the Blueprint Model to map out:

  • How to Analyze to see where to implement
  • How to Strategize to know how to implement into the overall plan
  • How to Track the results to see how well it is working.

These courses give you an ever-growing library of Strategies and Tactics that can easily plugin-n-play directly into your Digital Marketing Plan. With the Mini-Courses, you will always know where to go next to grow your market reach perpetually.

Weekly Office Hours

$350/month Value
Starting October 2019. Weekly Office Hours is a Members Only Q&A session where you get to ask questions and get answers from a skilled and certified Marketing Consultant.
  • Providing you with the ability to get real momentum in your marketing without all the pitfalls of getting stuck.
In a small group setting, you can get what you’re working on audited and get direct feedback. Getting Stuck stops being an option because of how simple it now is to get feedback and coaching.

A Quick Walk Through of the Blueprint Model

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The “Digital Marketing Blueprint Model” has been developed out of a very complex series of Digital Marketing Processes.

Using a Perpetual Marketing Process – a “SECRET” system in the industry for over 12 years and a hidden gem for those who have had the luck to find it over the years, these processes, which took over a year and around $30,000 to learn, have been simplified and turned into a 3 Phase process that even the non-tech can understand.

The “Digital Marketing Blueprint Model” opens the door and levels the playing field that less than five hundred businesses have had access to over the years. By converting all the moving parts of the Digital Marketing machine into a step-by-step process and giving you a system that you can copy at almost push-button ease, you have a stress-free way to take control of your marketing and business growth.

Our Dirty Little Secret (that I didn't want to share)

You might not be aware, but as marketing consultants, we have sold these plans for $7,500 consistently too small businesses like you. We have even sold a single Blueprint to a resort/bed and breakfast for $18k, and one to a software development company for $40k; both saw ROI from implementing the plan within 90 days. But our dirty little secret that we feel ethically bound to tell you is that you are not getting a $7,500 blueprint with this course. You are getting what we would charge $1,500 to build. This course lets you develop a FOUNDATION Blueprint that we use to develop all others.

To scale the Foundation Blueprint to a larger, more costly versions is all about adding multi-layered strategies and tactics, all with tracking. Over the next 30 days, you will learn how to position your business to grow.

Our ONE question asked money back guarantee

We know this isn’t going to be for everyone, but we do want everyone to be comfortable in giving it a good ole college try. All you have to do is within the first 30 days of your training is to submit a support ticket asking for a refund, and we will process it. You don’t even have to answer the 1 question, “what do we need to add to make this better?” It gets even better. You will also keep access to the 90 Day Blueprint Workshop. Also, if in the future you decide to come back, you are welcome.  

The Blueprint training from Mike Clay has exceeded my expectations and paid for itself many times over. My mindset has shifted from providing a strategy to a blueprint that provides depth and breadth in terms of deliverables that generate an ROI for a client. My clients are now armed with more data from which to make informed decisions, as well as a clearer path to where their Digital Marketing Journey needs to go. Not only that, as a business owner I’ve grown in confidence knowing I am providing far greater value than previously, armed with more knowledge, tools and data to back up the solid blueprints I’m now delivering. As a result, I’ve increased ROI for my clients, gained more of their trust (and business) and also grown my business through having more confidence in my ability and the approach and data used to generate the blueprints for them. The level of knowledge and support Mike has shared as well ongoing knowledge and training has been excellent and I cannot recommend Mike and his training enough…

John Boote | Certified Blueprint Consultant

By Joining Today You Gain Access to $7700 worth of training your first year.

You only pay $37/mnth

that is a 94% savings with a Money Back Guarantee

Your Membership Includes…

  • 30 Day Blueprint Workshop $1500 Value
  • Live Webinar Access
  • Access to Webinar Replays $1164/yr Value
  • Coffee & Caffeine Marketing Magazine $288/yr Value
  • Mini Blueprint Courses $564 Value for 12 (one released per month)
  • Weekly Office Hours $4200/yr of Private Mastermind level coaching

Once we hit 1000 members, we will be closing charter membership. Once Charter Membership is Closed, the monthly price for this will increase to be more in line with what is being offered. By Joining today, you will receive a grandfathered price of $37/mn.

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